TCA submission

Submission by Marie D. Lindsay, CEO



August 28, 2002


We have developed a new product that has significant power to protect military personnel, as well as civilians, against chemical, biological, and radiation particle contamination in air that could result from a terrorist attack or military action. It is a high performance AIR PURIFIER, designed specifically to clean the air inside the passenger cabin of motor vehicles. A patent is pending on the technology for this machine in countries around the world. The international patent number is PCT/US01/04241. The patent application was published on September 13, 2001, and the favorable Preliminary Examination results were conveyed in a report dated January 23, 2002.

The use of this AIR PURIFIER could save the lives and/or prevent serious injury to military personnel who have to be transported through air contaminated with lethal levels of chemicals, bacteria, viruses, and/or radiation particles. The purification of the air in their cars, trucks, tanks, etc. would provide them with a safe haven and shelter against these airborne pathogens over long periods of time.

Our technology was not developed originally with the military application in mind. The major research and development took place before September 11th. Our goal then was to design, build, and field test prototypes that were capable of reducing the major air pollutants inside vehicle cabins to levels that met government ambient air health standards. Thus, we wanted to provide a unique machine for use by health-conscious consumers who wished to protect themselves from air pollutants that cause or aggravate lung diseases and cancer. We have scientific field test results (from cars driven in Los Angeles and Bangkok) that show our machine’s effectiveness in meeting all of the health standards. In meeting this goal we had to use filter media that captured both gases (such as hydrocarbons) and tiny particles (such as diesel soot). The filter media includes several types of activated carbon, chemisorbents, a catalyst, and a HEPA filter, all packaged in a specific sequence, in a portable machine with a 12 volt DC motor/blower. Serendipitously, these are the filter media needed to capture radiation particles, bacteria, viruses, and poison gases! HEPA filters are in use by all the nuclear power plants in the U.S. to capture radiation particles. HEPA filters also are being installed in US Post Offices to protect postal workers from Anthrax and other dangerous microbial pathogens.

Because Cabin Air Technologies, LLC, is an R & D company, not a manufacturer, distributor, or marketer of electronic products, our interest is in finding licensees for our technology. Specifically, we would like to work with the U.S. DoD to determine how to size our AIR PURIFIER to meet the need in military vehicles that would be given the highest priority by military officials. We then would propose to build new prototypes to meet those needs and provide them to the DoD for lab testing. When the results are acceptable, we would like to license the technology to the government (or companies contracting with the government) to build and deploy the AIR PURIFIERS for the protection of military personnel.