Next Steps

After 18 years and $500K of research and development – we are ready to take orders and begin commercial production.

We are interested in securing partnership arrangements and/or licensing this technology to one or more government bodies and/or companies that have the manufacturing, marketing, and other resources to produce and market our Safe Air Machine (SAM)™. Agreements covering exclusive or non-exclusive rights, specific market segments, geographical allocations, etc. are potential opportunities.

We are also seeking equity investors to accelerate our go-to-market strategy. Additional funding will allow us to:

  1. Complete additions to our management team
  2. Continue to improve the manufacturing process to reduce time and cost
  3. Implement new process designs to improve manufacturing scaleability
  4. Continue to develop the patent (new patent pending ) to reflect new needs, capabilities and product research

For investment inquiries, please contact: Burl Haigwood, Director of Business Development, Cell: 202-441-2400,