There is a diverse and growing market for the Safe Air Machine (SAM)™. Because this product protects people from serious pollutants, including known carcinogens and asthma triggers, it will be the obvious choice for health-conscious consumers. At the same time, the Safe Air Machine (SAM)™ captures the biological, chemical, and radiological particles associated with a potential terrorist attack. This will be of interest to governments who want to better protect their troops and first responders.


Additional niche markets include rental car & limousine companies, taxis, railway cars and field trucks, and vehicles used in industry exposed to high levels of toxic emissions.

The Private Sector

Market research done for the Ford Motor Co. (reported by Dr. Sam Lee to the American Filtration and Separation Society) investigated what kind of air filters ordinary consumers wanted in the cabin of their cars. The response was overwhelming: they wanted to get rid of the exhaust fume odors in their cars. The consumers reported that they could not tell the difference in air quality that existing HVAC filters made. That’s because you can’t capture all the most harmful and odorous gasses with gross particulate filters or combi-filters.


Millenium Marketing Group, Ltd. estimated that once the Safe Air Machine (SAM)™ becomes available on the US market, our company will make almost two hundred million dollars of revenue in five years. That’s a tremendous sales potential in our country alone.

And we’re thinking globally, where the larger long-term market will be.

We anticipate significant interest in our product by people with respiratory illnesses, such as asthma, bronchitis and emphysema. An estimated 48% of the U.S. public suffers from or has a family member that suffers from asthma.


The protection our product also offers against carcinogens is substantial. It captures the three pollutants (diesel particulate soot, 1,3 butadiene, and benzene) which represent the greatest cancer risk from air pollution, according to the California Air Resources Board. Consumers are becoming more and more concerned about carcinogens. The American Cancer Society estimates that one in two men will develop cancer at some point in their lives, as will one in three women.

Additionally, recent evidence suggests that fine particulate (soot) pollution is a major cause of cardiovascular disease. The focus of our marketing effort is to educate people about the negative health effects of pollution.

The Public Sector


There are many potential government markets for our product. Testing done by the army shows that the Safe Air Machine (SAM)™ can remove chemical lethal agents from the air. The HEPA filter inside our machine is the best way to capture biologial agents (all types of viruses and bacteria), as well as radiation particles. The modular filtration design incorporated in the Safe Air Machine (SAM)™ allows for easy customization for targeting anticipated battlefield/terrorist gases. The filter media packets in our design allow for quick replacement or regeneration of the media.

We made a presentation to the Department of Defense (DoD) at a Showcase for Advanced Technology, sponsored by the Tech Coast Angel group in Orange County. We made the presentation because the DoD ranked our one-page submission to them 7th out of approximately 120 such submissions describing new technology to combat air contaminants from warfare or terrorism. Read the one-page summary that we submitted to them here.

The Safe Air Machine (SAM)™ could also be used in emergency response vehicles. With this sort of filtration technology, the cabins of fire trucks, police cars, and ambulances could be transformed into clean air shelters where people could safely remove their gear. We owe it to these public servants to keep them safe and healthy while they do their jobs.

We are currently pursuing a SAFETY Act designation which would give us the liability protection that we need to further pursue the anti-terrorism market. Our preliminary application was recognized as “promising.”