The Best Air Filtration System


Cabin Air Technologies, LLC has invented, tested, and patented and is producing a product called the Safe Air Machine (SAM)™ which cleans the air inside your car. Why? Because existing air filter products in the market today do not show any scientific evidence of effectiveness, i.e  that pollution levels were measured, both when their product is in use and when it is not in use in the environment for which it was designed. We have done the measuring in cars traveling in very heavy traffic in Los Angeles and Bangkok. Our prototypes have reduced all the major environmental air pollutants enough to meet all EPA National Ambient Air Quality Standards, unlike any other product in the marketplace now.  These are health and safety standards for outdoor air, and are far more stringent than OSHA workplace air standards.   We want to bring this product to market because we believe that consumers deserve the opportunity to protect themselves against the most harmful pollution.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the world’s most effective filtration technology for use in motor vehicle passenger cabins and other enclosed spaces. The purpose of the technology is to offer occupants protection against the most harmful air pollutants. Scientific field test results indicate our prototype Safe Air Machine (SAM)™ can accomplish this goal.

Thus, we have strong evidence that our product really works in the exact environment in which it was designed to be used. By measuring the concentration level of each of the major environmental pollutants inside motor vehicles traveling in very heavy traffic, both when our prototypes were operating and when they were turned off, the reduction in the pollutant level is clear and verifiable. Creating a clean air shelter inside traveling vehicles protects the health and safety of passengers on an everyday basis from major environmental pollutants, and we learned from the US Army and US Navy it also offers a way for people to travel through and away from chemical, biological and radiological contaminated air that may result from warfare or a terrorist attack.  Our extensive research made apparent a great surprise, i.e., if you use the filter media that is effective against the most harmful environmental air pollutants, you also capture the lethal ones!!