Testing done by the Army


molecular diagram of Sarin Nerve Gas

In addition to field testing, our product has undergone experimental testing by the U.S. Army Edgewood Chemical Biological Center Laboratory, in the Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland. They ran a test to try to determine whether our product was capable of capturing chemical lethal agents.


DMMP was used in the test as a surrogate for Sarin Nerve Gas. At 120 degrees farenheit and 50 percent humidity or less, they pumped contaminated air through our prototype. The air going in to the filter had 5,000 miligrams of DMMP in it per cubic meter. The outflow measurement of DMMP at the start of the test was 0.41 milliagrams per cubic meter. The outflow measurement of DMMP at the end of 22 minutes was 0.60 milliagrams per cubic meter.


The least favorable interpretation of this exploratory test was that the Cabin Air Filter media was able to capture at least 186,873.64 milligrams of the 186,892.27 challenge gas, for an efficiency capture rate of 99.99%. Based on Sarin's lethal dose for human beings of 0.5 inhaled milligrams, our filter media (approximately 5 pounds of specific types of activated carbon) can adsorb gas capable of killing approximately 374,000 people.