How it Works


diagram of our filter's anatomy

Our machine's motor blower first draws air through a set of tribo-electrically charged particulate pre-filters and gas phase filters, which are composed of nonwovens, dessicants, coal-based activated carbon, and a catalyst. These capture or breakdown humidity, gross particulate, aldehydes, a wide range of gasses, and carbon monoxide.


In addition, a filter can be included that either contains coconut-shell-based activated carbon (to capture hydrocarbons like benzene) or military-grade impregnated activated carbon that captures poison gasses.


Finally, a HEPA captures at least 99.97% of fine particulate. This includes all types of viruses and bacteria, radiation particles, diesel soot, black carbon, cadmium, lead, etc.


For more specific information on the technology inside the Cabin Air Purifier, check out our patent information.