Our Patents


We have patents in six countries because our invention is portable, serves as a dual purpose armrest/console, and most importantly, because we have strong evidence that our filter brings concnetration levels of serious pollutants down to levels that are safe to breathe.


The proprietary blend of technology used in our successful prototypes includes:

  • A true HEPA, plus six to eight layers of non-woven tribo-electric charged particulate filter media to serve as pre-filters for the HEPA to sustain its long-term effectiveness for capturing fine particles.
  • Filter media packets uniquely designed to adsorb or breakdown the designated gasses, including desiccants, adsorbents, chemisorbents, and a room temperature moisture tolerant base metal catalyst to break down carbon monoxide. All gaseous filter media are in granular or pellet form, in unique small packed beds, and can be regenerated by heat so that they can be recycled. No adhesives are used on these filter media.
  • A powerful motor/blower that can circulate and clean the air in a typical sedan cabin approximately 20-30 times per hour, or every two minutes.
  • A device configuration such that it can serve as a portable armrest/console, secured by a seat belt in the middle of a vehicle's back seat, as well as a high performance air purifier.


Patent NumberDate GrantedCountry
6,773,477August 10, 2004United States
91511January 31, 2005Singapore
236974May 18, 2006Mexico
2,390,060 July 17, 2007.Canada
ZL 01809051.6January 28, 2009China
229200February 13, 2009India


This product also has a patent pending in Japan. To see our US patent, click here.