Patented Design


diagram of the Cabin Air Purifier in the backseat of a car

The Cabin Air Purifier uses a patented design and is portable and easy to use. It is not connected to the HVAC system of an automobile; just use a seatbelt to strap it into the backseat, plug it in to a standard DC connector, and flip a switch. While it's running, the machine will recirculate the air constantly, keeping it clean and safe to breathe.


It's also possible to install the Cabin Air Purifier in your trunk. Simple ducting connects it to the cabin of your car, and the machine's sturdy frame allows it to be bolted down inside a van or a truck.


The patent drawing you see here represents a prototype, not a final design. When it is tooled for mass production, our product can look like a car's upholstered armrest/console.