The Public Sector


fireman using an oxygen mask

There are many potential government markets for our product. Testing done by the army shows that the Cabin Air Purifier can remove chemical lethal agents from the air. The HEPA filter inside our machine is the best way to capture biologial agents (all types of viruses and bacteria), as well as radiation particles. The modular filtration design incorporated in the Cabin Air Purifier allows for easy customization for targeting anticipated battlefield/terrorist gases. The filter media packets in our design allow for quick replacement or regeneration of the media.


We made a presentation to the Department of Defense (DoD) at a Showcase for Advanced Technology, sponsored by the Tech Coast Angel group in Orange County in the fall of 2002. We made the presentation because the DoD ranked our one-page submission to them 7th out of approximately 120 such submissions describing new technology to combat air contaminants from warfare or terrorism. Read the one-page summary that we submitted to them here.


The Cabin Air Purifier could also be used in emergency response vehicles. With this sort of filtration technology, the cabins of fire trucks, police cars, and ambulances could be transformed into clean air shelters where people could safely remove their gear. We owe it to these public servants to keep them safe and healthy while they do their jobs.


We are currently pursuing a SAFETY Act designation which would give us the liability protection that we need to further pursue the anti-terrorism market. Our preliminary application was recognized as "promising."