Cabin Air Technologies, LLC.


Cabin Air Technologies is a research and development start-up based in Portland, Oregon. We've invented, tested, and patented a product called the Cabin Air Purifier which cleans the air inside your car. Why? Because existing air filter products in the market today do not show that pollution levels were measured, both when their product is in use and when it is not in use in the environment for which it was designed. We have done the measuring in cars traveling in very heavy traffic in Los Angeles and Bangkok. Our prototypes have reduced all the major environmental air pollutants enough to meet all EPA National Ambient Air Quality Standards. We want to bring this product to market because we believe that consumers deserve the opportunity to protect themselves against the most harmful pollution.



Watch our three-minute video and learn how you can be involved with Cabin Air Technologies! Right now our company is seeking partnership and licensing agreements. Learn more here.